The JPN Network

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Joynt Production Network is a membership program with two major purposes:

1) Provide funding, through memberships, fundraising, and sponsorships for all programs developed and implemented by the Express HOME Program, a non-profit orgainzation that develops  educational opportunities/programs and services for the needest population our at-risk teens.

2) Provide an array or exposure opportunities for its, members.  This id done through all forms of media outlets, expositions, seminars and informative showcases.You can get a 30-day trial membership by supporting our programs in any means of support or just call and join because you want to help our cause.

"Bosby's" Owners of the Network & Executive Directors /Producers

The Bosby's are a true team.  Jacqueline is the Executive Producer of the JPN Network and the Executive Director of Express HOME Program,   HOME stands for Helping Others Magnify Education.  This is a non-profit organization that devlops all of the educational/informative programs.  This includes the shows for the JPN Network, Production of the JPN Infomrer, and a a multitude of programs and services for at-risk -teens and young adults.  For more information about the Express HOME Program visit their website at

Michael  "SILK" Bosby is the Media Director for the Express HOME Program, Co-Founder of Joyn Production Network and along with his wife the  Executive Producer of all of the programs produced by the JPN Network, he is the supervisor or all interns, productions and/or classes implemented by the Express HOME Program. Michael Bosby teamed up with his wife in 1994 to help her raise funds for her programs.  He has helped  her raise money for the homeless, expositions and the JPN Network.

Together they are truly the Dynamic Duo

For information about Membership meet Gwendolyn Stokes the  JPN Membership Director

The JPN Network

The JPN Network is on the air

Charter Media airs in Clarke, Oconee, and Madison Counties on Charter Channel 23

Our Hours

Tuesdays from 6pm-8pm


Saturdays from 10:00am-12noon

If you are a member you can be on TV!  All JPN members are entitled to an informercial and an interview on HomeFront Here & Now.  If you haven't been interviewed or had your business highlighted please contact our production manager Ebonique at (706) 743-3437.

The JPN Network also airs on ElbertonNet Channel 9

The JPN Informer

The JPN INFORMER wishes to educate and recognize all of the accomplishments of the African American population of Northeast Ga.  Funding from the purchase of the JPN Informer provides funding for the JPN  Scholarship Fund that will be available for low-income high school/GED students that has been accepted into any school of higher learning.  For more information about the scholarship fund, how you ca help, or get help contact Jacqueline Bosby at (706) 743-3437 or go to her website.  You can follow the link below.

Joynt Production Network...A Membership With A Real Purpose...."Networking to Educate"